A fact concealed in the belief in divine monotheism (Tawheed) is that none, except Allah, has the right to rule over others. Even a father does not enjoy any sovereignty over his children. When a father does not possess this right, the question of other individuals ruling over their fellow beings, commanding and prohibiting, appointing them to a position or removing them from it, does not arise. To the extent that man does not have any right over his own self. Therefore, any government or rule that comes into existence without the permission of Allah the Almighty will be unjust and inequitable, and will be considered as an interference in divine affairs. Consequently, if a person or a nation obeys such a government or ruler, heit has obeyed an oppressor and a tyrant and instead of responding to the divine call, heit has chosen a way that is

Ali Akbar ibn Hussain was born on 11th of Shabaan 44 AH and he was the son of Imam Hussain ibn Ali and Umm-e-Laila. He was a handsome young man of eighteen. He was also a brave soldier. He had been taught fencing and archery by his half-uncle, Abbas ibn Ali.
Ali Akbar ibn Hussain resembled the Holy Islamic Prophet Muhammad so much that Hussain ibn Ali was often heard saying that whenever I remember the Holy Islamic Prophet Mohammed I always look at Akbar.

No Imam began his Imamat in a more tragic atmosphere. The first day of his Imamat saw him seriously ill and a captive of the army of Yazid in Karbala. His father and predecessor had sacrificed all he had on the altar of truth; and Imam Zayn al-'Abidin found himself with a group of helpless widows and orphans being led from place to place, from the durbar of Ibn Ziyad to the court of Yazid. Finally they were thrown into a prison, where the Imam spent the first year of his Imamat, cut off from the followers of his father and unable to look after their affairs.

Abbas ibn Ali was the son of Ali ibn Abu Talib and Fatima binte Hizam, commonly known as Ummul Baneen. Abbas is particularly revered by Shi’a Muslims for his loyalty to his half-brother and third Shi’a Imam, Hussain ibn Ali, his respect for the Ahl al-Bayt, and his role in the battle of Karbala. Abbas was married to Lubaba binte Obaidullah ibn Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib.

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