By Shabbir MirPublished

A massive landslide has blocked this road near Chilas, forcing people to walk to their destinations. 

GILGIT: The Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) region has been cut off from the rest of the country for the past four days and may face a humanitarian crisis if efforts are not made on war footing to reopen its roads, particularly the 

By Aziz Khan   
Lauding scenic beauties in Pakistan, a foreign couple has admired the country as one of major tourism industries in the world. Felix Mengel, a representative of a German think tank (European Council on Foreign Relations), and her spouse Marianna from a London-based multilateral bank are on a Pakistan trip.

HARIPUR / GILGIT: In what appears to be in utter defiance of an apex committee’s decision, police in Kohistan continue to make passengers travel in convoys on Karakoram Highway (KKH).

 Dr.Ghulam Muhammad Fakhruddin's martyrdom is confirmed yesterday after searching and investigating for more than 20 days as it was informed that he was already  martyred in Mina Tragedy i.e. Mina Stampede 2015, where more than 4000 Pilgrims martyred due to not having any specific regularity of KSA polices or security agencies while he has been buried in Mina without any permission of his heirs.

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